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Workers' Compensation FAQ

After receiving immediate medical attention, you likely have a lot of questions following a work-related injury. At the Law Office of Mann & Mann, we are committed to our clients' health and future. On this page, you can find answers to some common questions. For more information, schedule a free consultation with our San Bernardino workers' compensation attorneys to learn more about your rights and options. Let us guide you on the proper steps to take.

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What does a workers' compensation attorney do?

A workers' compensation attorney's charge is to be by your side throughout the claim process. An experienced lawyer can help file the claim as well as work to get you the compensation you need while you focus on recovering. Whether it's from a necessary leave of absence, medical expenses or another qualifying damage, they will guide you through the process to receive the compensation and reduce the stress that comes along with the claim process.

When should you contact a workers' compensation attorney?

After you have been injured on the job and have received immediate medical attention, you should file a report with your employer. You should report your injury to your employer within 30 days to help prevent your claim from being denied. if there are any issues, you should seek out legal representation and speak with a San Bernardino workers' compensation attorney to ensure your claim is being properly handled.

Your employer or their insurance company may or may not contact you or try to discuss your claim. It is important to seek your own legal representation to ensure your best interests are protected. You should first file a report with your employer, then hire a lawyer. Your claims administrator is required by law to authorize medical treatment within one working day. While your claim is being investigated, you are entitled to receive up to $10,000 of medical care.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies deny authorization for medical care while a claim is being investigated, and many doctors will not treat you without authorization because of recent changes in the law. This results in significant delays in medical treatment. Our goal is to get your case in front of a judge right away so you get the care you need.

Can I choose a personal doctor to treat my work injury?

Yes, you may, and it is a good idea to do so.

You can predesignate your personal doctor if:

  • Your employer offers group health coverage
  • The doctor has treated you in the past
  • The doctor has your medical records
  • The doctor agrees to treat you for work injuries

The pre-designation form is available through your employer or at the DWC website.

My claims adjuster will only authorize some of the necessary treatment. How do I get care?

All too often, the claims adjuster will notify your treating physician that they may only treat certain parts of the body. Depending on the doctor, this may cause your doctor to refuse treatment for all affected parts of your body. This is a part of the medical delivery system that is left unchecked and subject to great abuse. The Law Office of Mann & Mann fights to get the medical evidence you need and prepare for trial.

What much does it cost to hire a workers' compensation lawyer?

The Law Office of Mann & Mann does not charge anything unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

What type of benefits am I entitled to?

The exact benefits you may receive can differ depending on the extent of your injuries. If your injury is temporarily or permanently disabling, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Your medical bills, rehabilitation, and related expenses should also be covered by workers' compensation.

What should I do if my case is denied?

If you have received a denied claim or if your benefits have been delayed, we can help. You may be able to claim State Disability, but your doctor will first need to certify you for this. We can work to get a judicial decision that requires your insurance company to accept your claim. There is an appeals process in place for denied claims and we can always follow up on delays. It is important to understand that there are legal tools available to you.

Who determines my permanent disability?

Either your treating physician or another doctor will determine whether you have any impairment. Your compensation is dependent on the level of permanent disability you are assigned. If you don't agree with the compensation assigned, you may be able to present additional facts that the doctor may not have considered and receive further medical evaluations.

Are benefits available for a work-related injury causing death?

Death benefits vary depending on the date of injury/death, types of dependents, and ages. Other issues of causation may be present.

Call (909) 639-3339 if you have suffered a work-related injury and need help pursuing compensation. Contact the San Bernardino workers' compensation attorneys at Law Office of Mann & Mann today to schedule your free case evaluation!

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